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    High efficiency and energy savingThe high performance rare earth permanent magnet material, special stator slot shape and rotor structure make the motor efficiency reach IE4 standard

    Small and lightweightIt is smaller than the same power induction motor by 1 or 2 frame sizes and more compact in volume

    A high performance  The moment of inertia is smaller, the starting torque is larger, and the operating frequency is wider

    High reliabilityReduced current, reduced temperature rise, longer motor life

    Strong commonalityWith the same structure of asynchronous motor, it can directly replace the asynchronous motor

    Control of simpleAdopting the vector control mode of frequency conversion, the control precision is high and the fault link is reduced

    Modular designFlexible configuration of a variety of modules such as independent drive fan, encoder, brake, etc

    applicabilityCan be used in all kinds of bad working conditions, even long time low speed operation, frequent start and other occasions