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  • "Yunsheng University" officially opened



    The name of Yunsheng University written by Zhu Yunde

    Today, the trend of economic globalization is more and more turbulent, the role of talent competitiveness and corporate culture competitiveness is increasingly prominent. The enterprise university is an excellent platform for cultivating middle and senior management talents, building learning organizations and promoting the cultural competitiveness of enterprises. In the special period when the new crown epidemic has brought a comprehensive impact on the society and the rhythm of economic life has been seriously disrupted, Yunsheng University, which is exclusive to Yunsheng people's own enterprise university, has officially opened.


    "Students" enter the classroom of Yunsheng University

    Nearly 40 "students" enter Yunsheng University

    On the afternoon of April 28, the opening ceremony of Yunsheng University and the opening ceremony of the 2020 EMBA class were held in the company's training center. With the members of the management team of each subordinate unit (business unit) as the main body, nearly 40 senior management cadres of Yunsheng University walked through the red carpet and signature wall as students and stepped into the classroom of Yunsheng University. It is like a loud voice of Yunsheng people, confident in responding to the crisis and challenges that may come at any time.

    Zhu Xiaodong, President of the company, was unable to attend the opening ceremony due to his participation in the "two sessions" of Ningbo. But he specially recorded a VCR to congratulate Yunsheng University on its opening and the students' enrollment. At the moment when the impact of the epidemic has not been eliminated, Zhu Xiaodong said that all students should make good use of the opportunity of EMBA class opening, seize the opportunity to learn, practice their internal skills diligently, and comprehensively improve the ability of organizations and individuals, so as to achieve common progress with the company.

    Shen Chengguang of movement company, Cai Yi of drive business department and Xu Jun of acoustic magnetic steel business department delivered speeches as delegates. They said that they will cherish and actively use the good learning and exchange platform created by the company, fully absorb advanced management concepts and knowledge, practically improve personal quality and thinking height, and constantly "Refresh" themselves to add power to the actual management ability improvement.


    Principal Zhu Yunde delivers an important speech

    Zhu Yunde: learning should put "Mingdao" first

    Zhu Yunde, chairman of the board of directors of the group and President of Yunsheng University, attended the opening ceremony and made an important speech entitled "knowing the Bureau in the epidemic". In a sense, this is also the "first lesson" of this EMBA class and even Yunsheng University. Starting from why, what and how to learn, Zhu Yunde discussed with the students how to understand and understand the "bureau" from the current situation, pattern, layout and change.

    Zhu Yunde pointed out in his speech that as a management cadre of Yunsheng, he should have a full understanding of the various "bureaus" in the process of enterprise development. In novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, we must have a clear understanding and more adequate mental preparation and preparation.

    At the same time, Zhu Yunde said that when you study in Yunsheng University, you are "going to study again after coming back from the hundred battles". You should aim at "understanding the way, taking the potential, and optimizing the skills", and put "understanding the way (i.e. clarifying the strategy and direction)" in the first place. It is necessary for us to study with strategic thinking, and think more about the layout, entry and failure of the company's industry. He encouraged everyone: "you are all cadres selected by Yunsheng, not only the leader of learning, but also the leader of change. You have a heavy task and responsibility. I believe that you will live up to your mission. "


    First course: TechMark management practice simulation

    The first course of this EMBA class has ended

    Yunsheng University, as the training and education base of the company, started to be built in July last year, aiming to meet the training needs of cadres and employees at all levels of the company in terms of corporate strategy, management skills, professional skills, corporate culture, Chinese culture and business etiquette. Yunsheng university sets up several types of offline training classes, such as EMBA class, core training class, new seedling class, and vocational skill improvement class, and matches with the online learning platform of Yunsheng University, so as to achieve the goal of education and training for all employees.

    As the opening work of Yunsheng University, the 2020 EMBA class has undergone strict selection of teachers and students. The teachers of this EMBA class are well-known professors from EMBA schools of famous universities such as the National People's Congress, Shanghai Jiaotong University and China Europe Business School, as well as enterprise management education experts from famous enterprises such as Huawei and Procter & Gamble. The team is very strong

    After the opening of this EMBA, the two-day and one night "TechMark management practice simulation" course from April 29 to 30 has been successfully completed. In the future, many courses, such as enterprise strategic management, strategic leadership, and production and operation management in the digital era, will also enter the training classroom.