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  • The company held a seminar on industrial operation



    The scene of the company's industrial operation retreat

    With the continuous fermentation of the new crown epidemic, the global economic situation is becoming more and more serious. In this regard, how to deal with the company's industrial operators, how to find opportunities in the crisis? On April 11, a retreat Seminar on this theme was held in the company's training center.

    The seminar was presided over by Zhu Xiaodong, President of the company, and attended by more than 40 members of the president team, heads of relevant functional departments of the headquarters and heads of subordinate units (business units).

    During the meeting, the participants spoke freely and analyzed and discussed from different dimensions of operation and management in combination with the actual situation of their industries. We all reaffirmed the concept of strengthening internal skill and doing specialty and refining, and also put forward some ideas and ideas for active change.

    Zhu Xiaodong made a final concluding speech and fully affirmed the holding of this retreat seminar. He believes that this is a necessary measure to promote the company's industrial operators to sort out ideas and explore trends, and also a necessary process for everyone to gradually unify their opinions and cognition on "how to face and understand the crisis"

    Zhu Xiaodong believes that through this meeting, the operators of various industries of the company need to establish and maintain the awareness of "danger", form the basic cognition of turning danger into opportunity and seeking opportunity in danger; timely summarize and sort out, correctly identify the appearance and essence of crisis, correctly understand the change of supply and demand balance and inherent consumption behavior brought about by crisis

    In view of this, Zhu Xiaodong put forward three universal measures for the managers of various industries to learn from: first, to further strengthen the control of cash flow and transmit the sense of survival crisis; second, no matter what the current situation is, we should actively make a response plan around the worst possibility; third, the focus of seeking opportunities in crisis is to find "just needs", from the upstream and downstream industry structure and consumption structure Looking for business development opportunities in the process of change.