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  • Our company was awarded at the high quality development conference of manufacturing industry in Yinzhou District


    In April 9th, Yinzhou District held the high quality development conference of the manufacturing industry in the region, and deeply studied and grasped the important exposition of general secretary Xi Jinping's strategy on manufacturing power and the spirit of the important speech in Zhejiang and Ningbo, and mobilized the opportunity to speed up the development of the high quality manufacturing industry in the whole region.

    At the meeting, a group of national single champion demonstration enterprises, national single champion product enterprises, national single champion cultivation enterprises, national enterprise technology center enterprises, 2019 top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises and other enterprises, including our company, were commended for their outstanding leading role in promoting the high-quality development of Yinzhou manufacturing industry. Zhu Xiaodong, President of our company, attended the commendation ceremony.


    Zhu Xiaodong received the commendation certificate from Chu yinliang, Secretary of Yinzhou District Committee

    Zhu Yinliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Ningbo Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Yinzhou District Committee, stressed that the manufacturing industry is the foundation of building a country and the foundation of a strong country. Yinzhou should thoroughly implement the important discussion of general secretary Xi Jinping's strategy on manufacturing power and provincial decision-making and deployment, seize the opportunities for development during the post epidemic period, adhere to the manufacturing area and strong industrial zone, and adhere to the new development concept to lead the high quality development system. System reform and innovation, reshaping Yinzhou's advantages, revitalizing the momentum of Yinzhou, and striving to run towards the leading area of the world's advanced intelligent manufacturing base.

    Before the meeting, participants visited the high quality development exhibition of manufacturing industry in Yinzhou District, in which our company's magnetic steel products also appeared.