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    Injection molding machine

    Injection molding machine also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the thermoplastic plastic or thermosetting plastic molding mold made of various shapes of plastic products of the main molding equipment. The traditional injection molding machine is based on full hydraulic pressure, which is combined with three-phase asynchronous motor to control system pressure through overflow. The system realizes oil supply on demand through the double closed loop of system pressure and flow, overcomes the high energy consumption caused by high pressure overflow in the common quantitative pump system, and effectively reduces the energy consumption during the operation of the injection molding machine.


    Hollow blow molding machine

    Hollow blow molding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that melts the plastic in the screw and extrudes it quantitatively into the mold cavity, and then blows and cools the molten plastic to the mold cavity shape plastic products by injecting compressed air. The blow-molding machine is mainly divided into clamping system, feeding system and blowing system. The power of the clamping system is provided by the hydraulic system. In the traditional bottle blowing hydraulic system, the asynchronous motor + quantitative pump system is used to provide the power source. The system has high pressure overflow effect during the operation of the blow-molding machine, so the use of electro-hydraulic servo system can reduce energy consumption. The feed system is driven by the motor to rotate the screw to realize the feed. The traditional three-phase asynchronous motor has low efficiency and low power factor, and the DC motor has high maintenance cost in the later stage. The use of synchronous non-inductive motor can improve the efficiency of the motor and the stability of the feed system.


    Plastic extruder

    Extruder belongs to one of the types of plastic machinery, also known as screw extruder, is based on the screw rotation of the pressure and shear force, can make the material can be fully plasticized and evenly mixed, through the mouth mold forming mechanical equipment. At present, the power saving of the extruder is mainly achieved by changing the power output of the motor with asynchronous frequency converter. In order to seek technological breakthrough and product innovation, some extruder industry customers have used permanent magnet synchronous motor + synchronous frequency converter to replace the power part of asynchronous motor + asynchronous frequency. After testing, the power saving rate of permanent magnet motor can be above 10% after replacing the traditional three-phase asynchronous motor.


    Hydraulic press

    The hydraulic press is mainly used in stamping and drawing forming of metal sheet parts, such as composite material forming and hot pressing forming of automobile interior parts in the field of nonmetal. In the process of process pressing, there is usually no pressure downlink, pressure boosting, backtrip, ejection, top cylinder retracting, buffer cylinder retracting action. The working pressure and flow required by each stage are different. At present, most of the hydraulic system USES quantitative pump, its motor to rated speed control pump output a certain flow, some of the production process only need little flow (such as pressure maintenance) action will cause energy waste. Through the double closed-loop control of pressure and flow, yun Sheng oil-electric servo system fundamentally solves the above problems, and truly achieves the control of "as much as you need". Meanwhile, accurate pressure and flow control can also improve the stability of equipment and the consistency of products.


    CNC shearing and bending machine

    The main working characteristic of the hydraulic system of shearing and bending equipment is that two working hydraulic cylinders moving in parallel form a vertical downward pressure to drive the die on the bending beam for shearing or bending. Its CNC hydraulic control system is mainly to control the synchronous operation of the bending process and the positioning of the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom dead point when the machine is working at full load. The rhyme oil-electric servo system adopts the permanent magnet synchronous motor plus the quantitative pump to change the speed through the driver to achieve the purpose of oil supply on demand, reduce the vibration of opening and closing molds, stabilize the production process, improve the quality and quantity of products, reduce mechanical faults, and extend the service life of the machine. At the same time, the hydraulic servo system eliminates the loss of high voltage overflow energy in the original system and greatly reduces the capacity loss in the process of machine operation.

    Die casting machine

    Die casting machine is a kind of equipment that pours molten alloy liquid into the pressure chamber, fills the mold cavity at high speed under the action of high pressure, and causes the alloy liquid to solidify under the pressure to form the casting. In the production process of die casting machine, the working speed and pressure of each process are different, its speed and pressure control is realized by the overflow valve to the excess hydraulic oil back to the tank, the energy loss of this process can reach 25-80%. The energy loss during the operation of die casting machine is greatly reduced by the double closed loop of pressure and flow. At the same time, yunsheng permanent magnet servo motor combined with die-casting machine USES oil-cooling mode for cooling, which reduces the motor temperature rise and effectively reduces the motor failure rate.


    Air compressor

    Air compressor is a device that converts the mechanical energy of the original motor or diesel engine into the energy of gas pressure, and is the generating device of compressed air. Air compressor is the basic product of industrial modernization, its compressed air because of easy storage, easy control, good mobility and safety, environmental protection and other characteristics, has become one of the most widely used power sources in the industrial field. In 2013, the state has listed energy-saving air compressor as an energy-saving product benefiting the people project for promotion, indicating that the use of efficient air compressor has become a development trend. With the mass production of permanent magnet synchronous motor, with its superior performance, permanent magnet synchronous motor will be the best choice for air compressor driving motor.

    Textile machinery

    With the improvement of electromechanical integration, AC frequency conversion synchronous speed control system is widely used in the transmission control of textile machinery. Spinning is the last step in the spinning process. In spinning production, spinning breakage is the key factor affecting product quality, output and energy consumption. In the process of spinning, the tension of small yarn is large, the tension of medium yarn is small and stable, while the tension of large yarn increases to some extent. The variation rule of tension determines the distribution rule that the small yarn breaks the most, the middle yarn breaks the least, and the large yarn breaks the more. Yunsheng permanent magnet synchronous motor and its control system set different speeds according to different periods of small, medium and large yarn in the spinning process to stabilize the spinning tension to improve the speed of the spinning machine and achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.


    Hvac equipment

    Fan water pump hvAC equipment is widely used in all walks of life in the national economy, is China's energy consumption. The load of traditional HVAC equipment is mainly selected according to the demand of full load work, while in practical application, most of the time is not working at full load. Therefore, as long as the average speed of equipment operation is reduced, the load power will be significantly reduced, so as to achieve energy saving effect. Traditional three-phase asynchronous motor adopts direct starting mode, the motor speed is fixed, commonly used wind plate, valve to regulate the wind or flow, resulting in a great waste of energy. Yunsheng permanent magnet synchronous motor is driven by machine, which changes the operating speed of the equipment through intelligent constant voltage control, and effectively reduces the energy consumption during the operation of the equipment. At the same time, frequency conversion starting can reduce the impact on the power grid when the equipment is started, reduce the equipment failure rate, eliminate vibration and water hammer phenomenon, and extend the service life of the equipment.

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